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This radio concept is usable to make radio receivers between 2 KHz and 4.5 MHZ, as long as the coil at the input (tank circuit) is adapted (“peaked”) to the frequency that you want to receive!
For Shortwave this radio concept is usable to max. 4.5 MHz. As a non-periodical antenna amplifier this concept is usable to (say) 15 MHz, when the second transistor is a typical HF transistor (read a BF 199, supply voltage max 25 Volt, so normal = 12 V) and the capacitor at the 1 K emitter potentiometer wiper of that second HF transistor is reduced to the 100 pF – 10 NF range (wiper-ground).

Next video with relevant info (regenerative use + Q multiplier on Shortwave reception) is

When you want to use this concept (like here) as a tunable radio receiver in the (say) 2 – 4,5 MHZ band you will meet some classical flaws that the radio pioneers in the 1920’s encountered on hand effect, no fading correction, oscillation when you “over do” the amplification (potentiometers showed in the schematic).

it is a (very) useful circuit for frequencies between 600 KHZ and 1,8 MHZ, because it is much easier to get a good selectivity there, especially with a FET at the antenna input.

I could not make a demo for that MW band because in the Netherlands there are no radio stations active any longer, the whole MW band is dead.

Of course I can receive (during the evening) some faint MW broadcastings from elsewhere in Europe etc. So I used (had to use) in this demo video a Shortwave antenna coil that can work between 2 MHz and 10 MHz.

By the I have also showed a few typical coils for “medium wave” for which this elementary radio setup was made.

It is able to receive strong AM MW radio stations in the place where you live.

Idea’s/instructions for a typical MW say 100-150 windings of 0,1 mm enameled copper wire on cardboard tube of (say) 1 cm diameter, to which a ferrite rod can be sticked in. The rod must be movable in the cardboard roll, to get to (“peak”) the MW stations that you want to hear. This coil combined with a parallel tuning capacitor of 10-500 pF .

To prevent hand effect on SW and mount the circuit on a piece of well varnished multiplex of (say) 1,5 cm thickness, with tin plate glued to the under-side (mass, ground, minus). Setup a front with (say) 4 mm triplex and glue to the backside tin plate (steel) from beer cans or so (must be steel, no aluminum). Solder that tin plate with a few wires to the tin plate at the under side. Mount the 2 potentiometers on the front plate and the tuning capacitor on the multiplex, ground the rotor (=to where the knob goes) of the tuning capacitor (if possible). The hand effect will be reduced to zero or almost zero, due to the tin plate shielding at the backside of the front panel. All my SW (superhet) radio’s were constructed that way, no problems.

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Be aware of that, I saw on the internet my circuits reproduced in a poor or not proper way.

I also found that people probably republish my circuits under phantasy names and/or with phantasy properties, not knowing electronics. Sometimes they want to find gold with them. I take distance from all these fake claims; I cannot help that it happens, sorry. Upload 26 september 2021.

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Tanki Online Crystal Generator