#122 Electronic Circuit Construction Techniques review of some prototype circuit building methods

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This video reviews several of the electronic circuit prototyping techniques that I like to use. Most of the circuits shown have been used in previous videos. This video focuses more on the methods and techniques used to build the circuits. Several examples are given, along with web references. Please see the URL’s

Dave Richards (AA7EE) blog, featuring a “WBR”

His main blog


QRPme products especially for prototyping

The Island Cutter

…and the Manhattan Chowder

Hackaday’s posting on Printed Circuit Board Island

…direct link to AndyDaviesByTheSea’s

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1) Zanski – Candy ft. Bombs & Bottles
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2) Giraffe Squad – Wait For Me [NCS Release]
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Tanki Online is a browser-based, multiplayer, and free-to-play videogame created by AlternativaPlatform.

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