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# Bug of Skill
Very sad when skill of Northrend Bone Dragon always missing… too bug, if not fix, still failed pet.. same merge pet with skill from evo
only fly, no skill,…
do not fly (but easy replace with other dragon), skill, water pet,…
# Merge bad for free, good for pay
– Need a lot of exp, buy adv food for pet
– If not evolve, your pet very low damage
+ If max evolve, your pet very strong …
# Land
The best in Dark T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus)
~ 180/bite, max over 200/bite
# Sea
The best in Northrend Bone Dragon pet
Of course not Red King Octopus or Gray Shark
~ 150/bite, max ~180/bite
# Game
3D Game Origin – Play in Your Way
New Server ASIA 702: 8.8.2019
Day Task = 702 | (103 105 106)| (102 104):
+ 100 Dragon Grass + 10 Molten Dragon 55
+ 80 Frost Dragon Grass + 10 Northrend Bone Dragon 65
+ 40 Mottled Parrot
+ 20 Raptor Griffin
+ 20 Northrend Hornbill, Ice Bird
+ 200 Red Lotus
+ 200 Blue Lotus
+ 240 Valea Plan (sword, bow, pick, axe, armor, helmet, pants)
+ 420 Obsidian Plan
+ 1000 Steam Stone ss
+ …
The Best 3D
+ Adventure Game
+ Survival Game
+ Building Game (Hearth, House, Home, Tribe)
+ Hunting Game
+ Taming Game (Horse, Wolf, Shark, Parrot, Dragon…)
+ Farming Game

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China apk
创造与魔法 = Creation and magic
More fun ARK Survival Evolved (?)
# You need
+ Feed recipe of all animal (for tame to pet or mount)
+ Food recipe
+ Respawn time of boss, grass, chest,…
+ Stats of mount ,…
Link document (download)

### Plan 2019
+ 100 Subscriber
### Free Dos
1. Free OS – Linux Ubuntu OS | GNOME

2. Free OS – Linux Mint OS | Cinnamon

### Windows + Mac + Linux
1. Free video film editor – DaVinci

2. Free audio music editor –

3. Free image photo editor –

4. Free screen monitor streaming and recording – OBS

1 iOS iPhone = 3 Android Phone
1 VGA – GPU NVIDIA + Encoder NVENC = 2 CPU Intel Encoder H.264 Video
1 Desktop PC = 2 Laptop | Working
Monitor PC 1080P + True 8 bits no FRC 24 inch
4TB HDD Data 20 Years

In video #223 I promised you we would hack and clone these cards. This is what we will do today. And we will not break any laws. If you just do what I show you.
Grüezi YouTubers. Here is the guy with the Swiss accent. With a new episode and fresh ideas around sensors and microcontrollers.
RFID Tags are widely used for access control and many other applications. Today we will focus on access systems because many of them still are very primitive and I show you how we can clone cards in seconds using a cheap copier or an Arduino and a small board for a few dollars.
If you did not watch the introductory video, it might be a good idea to do that first.
In this video we will use
– an access control system consisting of
– a simple RFID reader for LF and HF cards
– the RFID board sent to me by Vedran in one of my last videos
– several RFID chips
– an RFID copier
– an Arduino Uno
– And a Proxmark3 Hacker RFID and NFC device

Chinese Proxmark3
Proxmark on

“Magic Cards”:

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