Albion Online l Beginners Guide To Farming Faction Points

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A fast walk through on how to grind out faction points in Albion Online. Enjoy! #free2play #mmorpg #albiononline

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Albion Online (AO) is a FREE TO PLAY medieval fantasy MMORPG being developed by Sandbox Interactive, a studio based in Berlin, Germany. by Sandbox Interactive.
Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG set in an open medieval fantasy world. It has a fully player-driven economy; all equipment items are player-crafted. You can freely combine armor pieces and weapons in our unique classless system – you are what you wear. Explore the world and tackle challenging PvE content. Engage other adventurers in small- or large-scale PvP, and conquer territories. Gather. Craft. Trade. Conquer. Leave your mark in the world.

Challenge yourself with intense, exhilarating PvP fighting with the greatest warriors in the open world of Albion. Gear up and use teamwork to send the enemy fleeing from the battlefield! Only the most skilful fighters will leave the field victorious!


You still want to support your guild? Retire to your own private island off the coast of Albion and build and maintain a farm, including crops and animals, with a whole new set of buildings. Generate food to fuel your guild’s war efforts, or even just sell on the market for a profit.

Albion Online is the first truly cross-platform MMO experience, available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, with all players on one master server in one massive, sprawling world. You choose how your adventure evolves; at home or on the go!





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