Arcserve UDP v6.5 Launch Webcast EMEA

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Arcserve UDP v6.5 is now available and it brings you innovative new and enhanced data protection features, including further integration into cloud environments and expanded disaster recovery orchestration and reporting. Watch this on-demand webcast to learn all

Improved Data Protection
Enhanced Cloud Integration and Disaster Recovery
Improved Disaster Recovery

Much like Eleven and the gang, we at BinaryEdge sometimes are confronted with real monsters. Unlike in the series “Stranger Things” however, the monsters we’re faced with take different shapes. Our monsters are usually found in the shape of weird things people connect to the internet.

Often we’re asked “What is the craziest things you guys have found connected to the internet?” In this talk we intend to answer and show exactly that.

If you’ve seen our previous talks and/or read our “World Security Report” for 2021 ( you know that we have found some of the weirdest things online. From water dams, to electricity grids, and nuclear laboratory sensors, people simply love connecting things to the internet. And in this talk, we are going to explore the top “things” we’ve found exposed, talk about the different protocols they use and also allow YOU live on talk to search for your own things!

On this talk we will also release our 2021 report, where we show how we detected some of the NSA tools such as Double pulsar. We will also make an interesting reveal on this topic. 🙂

Tiago “Balgan” Henriques

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