Arnout Boks Getting started with PHP core development #phpsrb

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While PHP’s open source community is thriving, only a relatively small number of PHP developers contribute to the number one tool they use on a daily PHP itself. Although it may seem daunting to help out on a project written in C, requiring compilation and linking, getting started is actually pretty easy. In this talk I would like to share my own recent experiences of beginning to contribute to PHP itself. We will see different ways to contribute and cover some practical tips, workflows and resources, so you can start giving back to your programming language straight away!

Steven J. Murdoch

Creation and detection of IP steganography for covert channels and device fingerprinting

This talk will show how idiosyncrasies in TCP/IP implementations can be used to reveal the use of several steganography schemes, and how they can be fixed. The analysis can even be extended to remotely identify the physical machine being used.

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