Ask Me Anything collection management and conversion for DJ’s Big Sur special

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In this AMA I’ll zoom in on what macOS Big Sur (aka version 10.11.0) means for DJs.

The good news
— most DJ software I tried, including all the ATGR tools, work under Big Sur
— XML library export is still possible in the, but like in Catalina this is a manual process

the bad
The 800-pound gorilla in the Rekordbox, does not start up under Big Sur (tried both my beloved 5.6.0 and 6.0.2)

If there are any specific things you want to know about Big Sur, or about collection management and conversion in general then please leave your question in the comment.

Rule of if things don’t work under Catalina, they won’t work under Big Sur either.

— iTunes Collection Tool, new beta plus hotkey

— Naming cues/loops in Traktor and what the Cue and Loop Parameters tool can do with that
Turned out that the latest distributions of the DJ Conversion Utility – DJCU had an old version of the Cue Loop Parameter settings.
The correct version is free to download at this link

— and Rekordbox

— Any question you may ask in the chat

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