Battlefunds Giveaway Finished

Tanki Online Crystal Generator

Hey guys GameCraft reached 500 subscribers and that’s why i’m making this Giveaway, its not really big, but its something 😛

If you want to be part of it and have a chance to receive a

1. Subscribe if you haven’t already
2. Like the video
3. Favorite the video
4. Comment the video i want free battlefunds
5. Share it to all your friends 😛

Giveaway ends in exactly 14 days, on 22.7.2011

The next giveaway (it will be 1x 3290 and 2x 1540) will be when GameCraft reaches 1000 subscribers .. so tell everyone to subscribe 😛

Winners will receive their prize over private message on youtube (reward will be 10€/5€ paysafe card)

Tanki Online Crystal Generator