Blender Multiplayer Tutorial Series Quick Tipp Dynamic IP Input

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Hey guys,

this is a quick tipp tutorial how to generate a dynamic IP input.
With this setup you can enter an IP adress before this client is running.
After you set up the IP, you can run the client and you will connect with the server.
When I press “space” I can beginn to type in the IP.
When I press F1 blender starts to run the client with the IP I inserted before.

Maybe its a bit hard to understand but here is what I
1. I have a text object. I can type in any text I want when the game is running.
2. The Text Game Property which I can edit in the game will be copied to the client empty object.
3. The empty client object always assign the Text Game Property to its IP property. This happend in the Property Actuator.
4. When the IP was insert I can change the state of the empty client object to state 1. In this state the client is running.

I hope this will help you to make amazing games with Blender.

Tanki Online Crystal Generator