CLOSED Tanki Online 100 000 crystals ~ 100K Cry GIVEAWAY from Michael

Tanki Online Crystal Generator

Many of you guys wanted 100,000 crystal giveaway, and here it is!

#1 Subscrite to my channel

#2 Commend down below with your TO user name

#3 Make sure that your YT channel subscriptions are public.

Giveaway DEADLINE 12-18-2016. Winner will be announced next day! As always I’ll show you proof of sending crystals to the winner!

Have a question! Watch this video
I answer following questions
* What software / program I use to record gameplays
* What software / program I use to edit
* Accepting friend requests on Sour-Lemon
Accepting friend requests on That_one_michael
* Play in same battle / Lets Play with me invitation from me.
* What’s my skype?
* How to get spectator mode.
And many other questions. So if you have a question watch this video first.



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Tanki Online Crystal Generator