DEFCON 15 Hack Your Car for Boost and Power

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Aaron Higbee Managing Partner and co-founder,Intrepidus Group

What happens when you combine a natural hacker, a computer controlled car, and security consultant’s discretionary income spent on a pile of parts? A four cylinder, 2.5 liter, 500hp monster daily driver that runs on pump gas. (Pump gas plus computer controlled methanol injection for that extra umph.)

If you love the smell of gasoline and want to learn about performance tuning and ECU hacking, then this presentation is for you. If you have the dealer change your oil for fear of voiding the warranty, then you may want to skip this presentation. ? Attendees will be introduced to the tools of the trade and tuning concepts that are meant to squeeze out every last drop of power. Concepts will be backed up by practical examples and advice that the audience member can take away and try on their own (….if they dare). The presentation will cover automotive protocols, sensors, and tuning concepts used in making power. The presentation will cover the role of octane, water injection, and methanol injection as a means of coping with high boost turbocharged applications. Basic knowledge of electronic fuel injection and how a motor works is recommended. An understanding of the mechanics of turbochargers and superchargers is a plus but is not required. The presentation will conclude with car modification laws, CARB, emissions testing, SEMA, and privacy concerns about the data an ECU can store.

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Flutter is capable to run on multiple form factors and operating systems. Although desktop support is still in experimental phase, there are some use cases where Flutter for desktop may be viable option for greenfield projects.

In this talk you’ll learn what is the current state of the Flutter desktop embedding project, how to configure simple cross-platform desktop app and create your own plugin. Dominik will show what are the most serious limitations and what to expect in upcoming months.

– Presentation (with Skia):

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