FlashEx Paint Hack for Tanki Online

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Hello Tankers, in this video you will see how to hack Tanki online and haave Paints that are not even in tanki! so all you have to do is

Download FlashEx And another file comes in the rar,

Download Link :

Location to Delete Picture / Change name and put the new paint with the name “image.jpg”

Location for the file is : DesktopFlashExCaches.tankionline.com[video_description][video_description]32766

( Make sure you put the FlashEx and the Текстуры File in the Desktop so the location link works for you)

This is my very first video and I hope it helped you!

My next video is going to be on how to change the texture of a
gold box. Coming soon!



♫ Song ♫: Carol Of The Bells Goblins from Mars Trap Remix

Hope you enjoyed

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