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In this video, I will be going over how you can drive more traffic and make more sales on your Shopify & Dropshipping stores by utilizing a blog.

Making sales with Shopify dropshipping isn’t all about Facebook ads, you can also drive FREE traffic by writing blog posts for your store. You can embed buy buttons within your blog posts to increase sales on your store.

00:01:14 – The amount of traffic you can get with a few blog posts

00:04:42 – Brief keyword research & post research

00:09:09 – Using Fiverr for blog posts

00:12:03 – Re-writing content for your posts

00:13:00 – Getting images for your posts

00:14:06 – Structuring your post on Shopify

00:17:39 – Using a Buy Button within your blog posts & how to embed a Buy Button

00:21:52 – Final overview of the Google Search Console and using blog posts to drive sales

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