Hack TankiOnline How to Fly/Jump in Tanki No BAN

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AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to my Tanki Video!!!!!!!

Welcome to my first(official) Tanki Video!!! In this video, you learn how to hack Tanki and fly/jump in Tanki games. The Download link is below. This the best and easiest hack for flying/jumping in Tanki.

Download link(Windows only):

Want To Play Tanki?? Click

“Oripotam, The Only American Tanker Who Broadcasts on YouTube”.

Look out for my next video!!!! How to Get Unlimited Crystals on TankiOnline.com

To fly, click the “B” button.


Tanki Online Parkour Contest with ~125,000 Crystals~ PRIZE
*************** GOOGLE TURN IN FORM BELOW ***************

#1 Parkour Team can be between 1-4 players + 1 person recording from distance.

#2 Paints can only be RED, RED SUIT, and Premium paint

#3 After parkour make sure in chat you say “For that one michael contest” and hold TAB so that I can see nick names for each player.

#4 Upload video to YouTube and Title it “That one Michael parkour contest”

#5 Deadline for submissions is May 31 2016

Good luck to all.

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Tanki Online Crystal Generator