Hacking Runescape Accounts Updated 8/8/2012

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Updated 8/8/2020!

PLEASE You may see this video on another channel. That was my old channel that has been hacked, so I took one of my older channels and re-uploaded it here. Thanks for understanding. Any questions or concerns, please PM me. This WILL come up as a virus, because it needs to access your internet to get the victim’s information. If you have any doubts, please do not download.

UPDATE! You must now use iexpress, which can be found in Start, Search Programs and files, and typing in “iexpress”, or going to Start, run, and typing in “iexpress”. Tutorial on using

If you have trouble with the Client.exe, add it to your antivirus’ exception list, or turn off your antivirus while using it. This is because the client for making viruses counts as a virus itself. THIS WILL NOT GIVE YOU AN ACTUAL VIRUS, JUST THE SOFTWARE FOR YOU TO MAKE ONE. IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS, PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

UPDATE 2: The download link has been FIXED!!! Just unpack the file using winrar, extract to the desktop, and follow the directions in the video.

Hey, this should show how real hackers steal your runescape account, not like those fake runescape account hacker programs that don’t work and will infect you.

This shows footage of the BlackShades RAT (Remote Administration Tool)


Tanki Online Crystal Generator