Hitchhiker’s Guide to the NetBeans Platform

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The NetBeans platform is a popular free desktop framework for Java SE applications. It saves years of development time in building any significant desktop application by providing a modular framework that simplifies both developing and updating desktop applications. Hundreds of organizations in the corporate sector and in open source communities use the NetBeans platform as the basis of their development work. In this panel discussion, you will see developers demonstrating the work they’ve done with the NetBeans platform. You will become familiar with everything you need in order to begin creating meaningful applications yourself on the NetBeans platform.

Geertjan Wielenga
Geertjan Wielenga is a NetBeans product manager working at Oracle, focused on Java development and HTML5 development with NetBeans IDE and the NetBeans Platform. Geertjan is a Java technology enthusiast, primarily interested in Java desktop technologies, in particular, application development on the NetBeans Platform.

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Henry Arousell
Henry is the lead developer on the BL Ekonomi project at Björn Lundén in Sweden. He has been developing systems in Java with NetBeans IDE for 10 years and with the NetBeans Platform for the last four years
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Eirik Bakke
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Thomas Boqvist
Thomas is a senior software architect working as a consultant on the BL Ekonomi project in Sweden. He’s been developing software in Java since the mid ’90’s and has been using NetBeans IDE for the last ten years and the NetBeans Platform for four.
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Bruce Schubert
Bruce Schubert is a Software Architect/Developer, Database Administrator, and Project Manager with a focus on the public safety and aviation sectors. He specializes in designing and developing GIS and GPS related applications and solutions, and focuses on meeting the end-user’s needs and the business/stakeholder’s expectations. He is an accomplished integrator of dissimilar hardware and software systems.
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Pentesting 101
How I started in this field by actually doing a hands-on pentest exercise. Audience will see first hand all the hurdles that I experienced and how I conducted this engagement. The presentation goes technical at some point but the general layout is as follow,

– My Background
– Purpose and Scope
– Ethics and Legality (ROE, NDA, etc)
– The Challenge
– Tools and Techniques
– Recon
– Multiple Tools from Kali like maltego, ettercap, msfvenom, etc
– AV bypass…done manually.
– The Outcome
– Lessons Learned
– Q & A

I got my Computer Engineer bachelor degree and MS in Digital Forensics from UCF. I am currently a Red Team Pentester with some certifications on my pocket like Security +, CEH, OSCP, OSCE (in progress).

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