How to fix Steam games From Crashing 5 Methods

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Today ill be showing you how to stop steam from crashing your games or stopping them before you even play them.

I have a total of 6 Methods ill be showing you although the 6th one isn’t really in the video and is more like a reminder to update your games and/or Graphics card or Windows.

Method 1.
Right click your game and go to Properties, Go to Local files and Verify integrity of game files and wait for the Loading bar to finish, Then try playing your game.

Method 2.
Right click your game and go to Properties, Go to Local Files, Go to Browse and Find your game throughout its Directory and Double click on it and run it from there.

Method 3 (similar to Method 2.)
Right click your game and go to Properties, Go to Local Files, Go to Browse, Find your game and Right click on it, Go to Run as Admin and try playing from there.

Method 4.
Open Steam, Go to the Top-left corner of steam and go to settings, Go to Downloads, Go to the bottom of the tab, Click on Delete Download Cache and BE SURE TO KNOW YOUR PASSWORD AND USERNAME!

Method 5.
Right click on your Task bar or on your Windows Logo on the task bar, Go to Task Manager and left-click, If your Task bar open up in a small Task bar go to the Bottom Left and click More Details, Find your Steam Application and Click on it then End task in the bottom right. You can restart your pc if you want to ensure its full-effect to make sure that your game will run.

Method 6.
Ensure you have updated your Windows or Graphics card(s), Games cannot run if they aren’t updated or if your hardware isn’t fully updated so ensure that everything is up-to-date before gaming out!

Method 7.
This method really wasn’t in the video but i have been thinking about it before adding it to the video but if all 6 Methods don’t work, Try Re-installing your game, There may be a corrupted file within your game saves or directory so re-installing would 100% fix your problem.

Thats all the methods that i have to offer and i hope in some way that i have fixed your games from crashing or unexpectedly stopping. I also hope you do have and end up having a good day!

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Although this is the end for my video, i hope you have enjoyed and ill see you all later in the future with upcoming videos.

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