How To Get Spectator Mode In Tanki Online 2017 100% Working 2 Spectator

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Link for play on Flash player 19:
Read the hotkey

U must download flash player 19, other wise it wont work :C
vars.set cam_maxmove 0.5
vars.set cam_maxmove 0 This is for FREEZE cam
vars.set cam_maxmove 5 This for removing Spec mode
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Hey Guys! This is a video on how anyone can get “spectator mode” on Tanki without being an actual spectator! I hope you enjoyed, if so, make sure to comment, like, and subscribe! Make sure to comment below on what you want to see next!

Ctrl+Shift+K (to get into it)
vars.set cam_maxmove 3 (original)
vars.set cam_maxmove 0.1 (if you want the camera to follow you extremly slowly while playing Tanki)
vars.set cam_maxmove 0 (makes the camera stay at a fixed location)

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