How to HACK Crystals in Tanki Online | Parody

Tanki Online Crystal Generator

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Obviously This Was Only Possible With The Help Of Editing. what i did was, first i copied the signature file from tanki online folder, then i created some Dank python programming codes and used them as if i was really hacking(but i wasnt)then i opened tanki and recorded the crystal part on big acc where i had less crystal then came on small account and recorded the sending badge part and during editing i overlayed the less crystals on my small accoount and boom! And I Swear i Can Do Better Next Time, Leave a Challenge That i Can Click bait Upon And i Will Make sure to make it look at real as possible and Thanks For Watching And Sorry For Lack Of Uploads Guys.
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3 golds dropped for each death. hope you guys liked it !
Special thanks to Dosheg for being the spectator of my rank and also editing the rankup!
I did not show the full 21 golds as it would make the video boring but you can ask anyone at the rankup and they can confirm 21 golds from me were dropped.
I use Hornet Legacy, and Gauss during the rankup.

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Tanki Online Crystal Generator