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Time To Beat

Tune in with Colin Smith, founder of PhotoshopCAFE on Adobe Live as he designs two original photo composites in Adobe Photoshop. Watch and learn as Colin combines images from Adobe Stock to create a cyberpunk themed piece on day 1 and a surrealist piece on day 2!

Guest Colin Smith is the founder and President of Photoshop CAFE based in Los Angeles,

Host Jesús Ramirez is a San Francisco Bay Area Graphic Designer and the founder of the Photoshop Training Channel on
Join us LIVE on

00:00 Start
03:51 Recap of Colin’s work from the previous session
07:53 Beginning a new composite – creating a set extension
16:20 Working with the pen tools
25:20 Using paths to make masks – using brushes to edit masks
34:13 Integrating the background image and waterfall
38:29 Explaining how to work with layer masks
42:56 Using rough masks to block out entire image before detailing
49:43 Adding clouds to the composite – using Colin’s cloud brush
55:00 Discussing Colin’s guitar painting
1:06:18 Adjusting composition to create balance
1:09:47 Making lighting adjustments
1:16:37 Adding atmospheric perspective with a gradient
1:28:22 Experimenting with color variations
1:33:40 Using Colin’s dodge/burn layer method
1:40:50 Adding a pegasus to the composition
1:45:04 Applying curves to adjust the Pegasus
1:48:32 Matching shadows for the Pegasus
1:50:31 Applying a LUT and adjusting with Cam Raw

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