How to Make a Leather Backpack Pattern & Video Tutorial

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This is a detailed tutorial for making a medium size leather backpack. It contains two external pockets, closed with buckles, fit to keep in order your essentials, including your smartphone. It is a light wight backpack that will keep in shape for many years, due to its clever pattern.

This is one of V&P Leather Artisans classic backpack pattern, perfected over many years.

36/24/17 cm or 14/9.5/6.7 inch

✪ body of the backpack – 2 mm vegtan (less then 1 sqm)
✪ 1 mm pigskin lining for the backpack bottom
✪ contrast leather – 3.6 mm vegtan (less than 0.2 sqm)
✪ 1 mm waxed thread

✪ 2 X 20 mm D-rings
✪ 2 X 20 mm buckles
✪ 2 x 25 mm buckles
✪ 1 x 30 buckle

✪ 18 mm Olfa cutter
✪ 1.5 mm hole puncher
✪ John James stitching needles
✪ rubber mallet
✪ cutting pad
✪ masking tape
✪ a good glue, preferably cement glue


0:00 Intro
0:20 Cutting the body of the backpack
2:50 Cutting the accessories
5:15 Punching the holes
5:35 Cat massage intermezzo 🙂
6:02 Punching holes in the accessories
6:26 Sewing & assembling
22:56 The finished backpack!


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