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I have 13.8 percent of my dividend stock portfolio in sin stocks! So many subscribers have been asking me questions about sin stocks! I have been waiting for two main reasons. First and foremost, I consider myself an expert on this topic and did not know how to give it the level of attention it deserves (video would have been 3 or more hours). Second, I know some subscribers may not want to hear about this topic. So, I decided this weekend to write a free 10-page guide to sin stocks for dividend growth investors. You can download it for free

In my free guide, you’ll
* 10-pages of dividend growth investing insights, all about sin stocks
* My personal sin stock portfolio
* All four of my sin stock holdings, with detailed commentary
* A new sin stock position I have never disclosed here before
* What I think about the sin stock industry
* Detailed metrics on the sin stocks I own
* Qualitative thoughts on my dividend stock positions
* The incredible detail the topic deserves

Please, please let me know what you think about my free guide!

A fun Based on its current deep discount (in my humble opinion), I jumped on the opportunity to buy more BTI this morning.

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I am long BTI (BTI). I own this stock in my stock portfolio.

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