i PEAR OS Linux v2 LTS Explained Pure beauty Security and Stability in one July 2018

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Here it is iPear OS after the WinTU.X OS
I presented last night –


Powered by Linux Mint 18.X LTS /


User = mac
su password =channel48
You need it to get in to the live Distro
Supported until 2021

Enjoy and share it ,make others happy
about their Laptop Old Macbook or PC and even Tablets –

iCarly fans – This one is for you and it’s real updated and a fine and beautiful OS to use with or without installing works on Pc and Laptops with or without a harddisk – will also run from DVD

Simply burn Dvd or create bootable auSB and boot on real system , Not Virtualbox crap , that wont work – this is only for real devices .

Good luck

Video by Channel48
Brought to you by Puck Darlington
The Netherlands (c)2021

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