Installing & Running WinMTR on Microsoft Windows

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Need to run MTR on Windows so you can send the results to ExaVault support? We’ll walk you through what to download and how to run MTR, and what it is you need to send to support from your PC.

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Let’s go over how to install and use MTR.
MTR is a network diagnostics tool. We use MTR to see the network traffic between your system and the server hosting your files. MTR can help pinpoint where traffic is slowing down or getting lost.

First, you’ll need to install the MTR tool. To download go to Scroll down and click view all available. Then under assets, click

If you’re on the Edge browser, you’ll see a save option at the bottom of the browser. Once saved, open the folder and extract everything. Then double click and run the WinMTR 64 application if you’re on 64 bit windows like I am.

Once the application is open, no need for fancy pseudo-code, just enter the domain you want to connect to and hit start. Let the MTR trace run for about 10 to 15 minutes. When needed for a support issue for your account, paste the results into an email and send them to [email protected]

For more great tips and how-tos check out our other videos or visit our support page. Thanks for watching!

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