John Terry VS Wayne Bridge Football Rap Battles #2

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Haha, Wayne Bridge mate, how you doing?
I’m that really horny guy that got Vanessa wooing.
Mate she was screaming like Serena Williams playing Tennis.
I ried to stop the bitch but that bitch kept on perusing.

Haha I guess that’s what happens when women see my dick.
They see the golden python and they pounce on it quick.
Also, you’re a prick for not shaking my hand
I wanted to shake the man of the wife I just banged.

Wayne you can’t even control your wife.
Your Football skills is as bad as your sex life
Your life, it sucks in so many ways
And now you’re trying to get with that chick from the Saturdays?

Wayne, I think she’s a bit above your level mate
I think you’ll do better, on a blind date
Only a matter of time before she’s in my estate
And I’m not trying to hate. It’s just fate.

Look John, you know she was my ex right?
In fact all of this IMPROVED my sex life
How’d you think the papers found out about the story?
I sent it them myself and just waited for the glory

Waited for the checks, and waited for the chicks
They sympathising for me so I’m taking my pick
I’ll have her this week, and then that one next week
You? Will never hit again, you define the word cheat

Definitely the worst player ever to be captain
You lost the arm band twice, how the hell does that happen?
You got caught slipping bro, remember that penalty?
tears coming down your eyes to that miserable melody

Sorry did I hit a nerve, here have a tissue
Psyche, you’re just a puff and no bodies gonna miss you
You can’t always go and cry on frank Lampards shoulder
Do I even have to say it? This battle is over


You should just quit john, you’re bad luck mate
The way you slipped was like you were wearing Ice skates
Shoulda seen your face, and you should’ve seen your tears
You’re gonna relive the moment forever up in your nightmares

That was a hard time in my football life.
Only thing harder was my penis in your ex wife.
I’m a kneeing machine so lean and mean
I’ll bang you up clean cos im winning like Charlie sheen.

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