Luckiest Container Caught – Tanki Online Woman’s Day Gold Box Video 2018

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Tanki Online Woman’s Day Gold Box Video 2018
I added abit of Valentine’s Day Gold Boxes, because I did not manage to upload them last time.

Women’s Day

Celebrate the beginning of Spring and the most beautiful holiday in Tanki Online with special events and festive decorations!

Here’s what’s coming from 02:00 UTC March 8th till 02:00 UTC March 12th:

Holiday decorations

Holiday billboards on all maps
Holiday parachutes for Gold Boxes
Holiday skin for Gold Boxes
Holiday drop zones for Gold Boxes
Holiday flags in CTF
Holiday paint with a special texture (available only during the holiday, can not be purchased)
3 special holiday gifts

Animated paint

Welcome the new animated paint “Ginga”! You can purchase it within the new holiday bundle in the Shop or get it from containers.

Double battle funds

All Saturday, from 02:00 UTC March 10th till 02:00 UTC March 11th earn double battle funds in all regular, non-PRO battles!

Black boxes

And for a special holiday we’ve prepared something extraordinary. For the full duration of the celebration, from 02:00 UTC March 8th till 02:00 UTC March 11th, Black Boxes will drop instead of Gold Boxes in all regular, non-PRO battles! Each Black Box has a container inside within it, and it’s a perfect chance to get the paint you always wanted!

NOTE: Gold Boxes dropped by players during the celebration will remain as Gold Boxes — with 1000 crystals inside.

Special offers

Two holiday bundles will appear in the Shop after server restart on March 9th and both will remain in the Shop until 02:00 UTC March 12th.

Special offer 1:
New animated paint “Ginga”;
15 containers;
25,000 crystals.

Special offer 2:
5 containers;
300 of each supply (excluding Gold Boxes);
100 000 crystals.

Women’s Day Discounts

Discounts in the Shop
From 02:00 UTC March 8th till 02:00 UTC March 9th buy items in the Shop with the following discounts:
20% discount on Gold Boxes;
30% discount on packs of crystals, Premium and Kits;
50% discount on Paints.

Discounts in the Garage
From 02:00 UTC March 9th till 02:00 UTC March 10th all turrets, hulls, modules, paints and supplies in the Garage will have a 30% discount.
From 02:00 UTC March 11th till 02:00 UTC March 12th upgrade your equipment while saving with a 50% discount on MicroUpgrades and 70% on SpeedUps!

NOTE: discounts do not apply to purchase and upgrade of XT-equipment, gifts, PRO Battle Pass, alterations, kits in the Garage, clan license, Rename Pass, special offers in the Shop and the minimum-sized packs of crystals, Premium and Gold Boxes.

Happy holiday, everyone!
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