My BSD sucks less than yours

Tanki Online Crystal Generator

by Baptiste Daroussin and Antoine Jacoutot


Instead of speaking about successful parts of the projects, this talk willfocus on the weakness of both OpenBSD and FreeBSD, exploring conceptualdifferences between them and also exploring directions where motivatedcontributors can start working on to improve the projects. While being generalpurpose operating systems we will see that one size doesn’t fit all and howone or the other may be a better solution to a particular problem. Trolls areto be left at the door.

Scheduled 2021-02-04 13:30:00

Many of you guys that what were my PC specs.
Here’s the truth behind those GRAPHICS XD

Sandbox XP/BP Matches :

My Main : Ghost_Animators
My Alt : Ghost_Animator_Shaft
My Brother : Ghost_Animator_XP

Song : Elektronomia – Sky High [NCS Release]

Tanki Online Crystal Generator