NTSC or PAL One C16 to rule them all.

Tanki Online Crystal Generator

Switching between NTSC/PAL using only the reset button on a C16? Yes, I came up with a mod to do just that, no holes required, no janky dual crystal setup. (Would work on a Plus4 as well.)

Previous C16

C16 6510 CPU

C16 KERNAL mod for 6510


Si5351 Cloth Generator/

Adafruit Library for

Optiboot for

Arduino Pro

Angled Pin

28 pin round hole (for EPROM adapter)

Dupont Jumper (various lengths)


Plato (Clone) Side (order five)


RetroTink 2X Video

Thumbnail C16 (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Wikipedia User Cbmeeks

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Tanki Online Crystal Generator