Owner of Largest Server in History Speaks out After 3 Years Pim de Witte

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For this video I interviewed Pim De Witte, creator of RuneScape’s most popular private server SoulSplit. The RuneScape private server has long since closed, but Pim has not quit living up to his high reputation. This video explores topics around Pim De Witte’s experience with running the RuneScape Private Server SoulSplit, and his life after its closure.

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Learning Go programming is easy. Go is popular and becomes even more also in security experts world.

Wanted to feel a bit as a hacker? Learn a new language? Or do both at the same time? This session is about it.
So let’s jump into hands-on session and explore how security tools can be written in Go. How to enumerate network resources, extract an information, sniff packets and do port scanning, brute force and more all with Go.
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