Oxygen Not Included Water Purification System ONI PC Walkthrough Series Commentary S2E08

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Oxygen Not Included – Water Purification System – (ONI PC Walkthrough Series Commentary) S2E08

Hi Guys and welcome to my Lets Play/Walkthrough guide series of Oxygen not included. In this series we learn how to build a base and craft the materials that we need to survive underground with limited oxygen. I hope that this series can serve as a tutorial for new players and possibly entertainment for the more experienced among you.

This game is in early access pre- alpha. Please visit the developers web site for more information on the
The game has already been picked up by huge youtubers such as jacksepticeye so get on it early and get a strong start with this walkthrough series.

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About Oxygen Not IncludedOxygen Not Included is a space-colony simulation game. Manage your colonists and help them dig, build and maintain a subterranean asteroid base. You’ll need water, warmth, food, and oxygen to keep them alive, and even more than that to keep them happy.
This game is currently in development. To get the latest news and follow development, you can visit the official Steam page and add it to your wishlist!

Oxygen Not Included is a space colony survival simulation video game. Players are tasked with managing and taking care of a group of colonists that have to deal with problems such as hunger, waste, oxygen levels, etc. The game makes use of procedural generation. The game features a crafting system. Colonists have stats that determine how effective they are at certain tasks.

Oxygen Not Included is developed by Vancouver-based indie studio Klei Entertainment. The game was announced for Windows during the PC Gaming Show at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2021. An in-development version of the game was planned and has been released via early access since 15 February 2021.

Klei Entertainment was formed in July 2005 by Jamie Cheng.[1] Prior to the formation of Klei, Cheng worked as an intern at Sega’s Relic Entertainment studio, where he was a programmer.[1] As of October 2009, the company employs eleven.[2]
Their first title, Eets was first released March 27, 2006 for Microsoft Windows,[3] then for Mac OS X on December 9, 2021.[4][5] Between those two releases the game was ported to the Xbox 360 via the Xbox Live Arcade platform and released on April 25, 2007. Retitled Chowdown, this version featured 120 new levels and an action minigame called Marsho Madness.[6][7]
The company assisted with Slick Entertainment’s N+, the Xbox Live Arcade port of the Adobe Flash game N.[8] In 2008 Klei developed Sugar Rush, a casual massively multiplayer online game.[9] They announced in late August 2021, that development had stopped and the game was canceled.[10] The company’s fourth original title, Shank, was announced at Penny Arcade Expo 2009.[11] It was released on August 24, 2021 for the PlayStation 3, August 25, 2021 for the Xbox 360 and October 26, 2021 on for Microsoft Windows.

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