PowerTech 10 ways to protect IBM i from Cyberattacks

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Without proper security measures, IBM i is vulnerable to cyberattacks. Learn how to protect your system.

Ceph is a Free Software unified storage platform designed to present object, block, and file storage from a single distributed cluster.

Ceph’s main goals are to be completely distributed without a single point of failure, scalable to the exabyte level, and freely-available.

The data is seamlessly replicated, making it fault tolerant. Ceph is a software-based solution and runs on commodity hardware. The system is designed to be both self-healing and self-managing and strives to reduce both administrator and budget overhead.

This talk will provide a quick overview of Ceph architecture and its primary use cases. Examples will include cloud applications using object and block as well as pure storage configurations. We’ll also examine the current state of the community, the near future of the Ceph project, and ways the community can get involved. Projects range from ‘low-hanging-fruit’ suitable for non-technical or novice developers to more robust architectural work for seasoned developers.



Patrick McGarry is currently incarnated as a community monkey working to spread the Ceph gospel for Inktank. An experienced community manager, gamer, mischief maker, and all around geek, Patrick spent five years writing and managing Slashdot under the nomme du keyboard ‘scuttlemonkey.’ Patrick enthusiastically helps companies to understand and adopt Open Source ideals and continues to be a strong advocate of FOSS on the desktop and in the enterprise. He still hates writing these bios.

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