Professional Laptop Battery Analyzer LFC#227

Tanki Online Crystal Generator

This video is a re-upload from Saturday, see bottom of description for details.
Big thanks to NIP Embedded Systems for sending in this unit, there was a lot of stuff to learn about it that I couldn’t fit into a single video. The more I tinker with it, the more stuff I find that I can do with it, and the better my understanding gets.
After shooting this review I had a MacBook Pro in with a suspected failed battery – the battery is glued in, so it’s not a trivial matter to swap it out for test. Plug in the Battery Analyzer, and bam, now I can check it in-situ before I go to the hassle of removing it.

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I posted this on Saturday, but de-listed it after receiving an alarming phone call about the device.
However, after taking the concerns into consideration, I concluded that one bad experience doesn’t make this a bad product. The issues that I’d been told about have been resolved in the latest hardware revision featured in the video, and I’m satisfied that there’s no cause for concern.

Tanki Online Crystal Generator