Pros & Cons of Silicon PM SiPM Technology in Scintillation Detectors | BNC Webinar

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Berkeley Nucleonics hosts a live webinar, Pros & Cons of Silicon PM (SiPM) Technology in Scintillation Detectors, on June 18th, 2020 where the following topics are

– SiPM (Silicon Photomultiplier) Facts and Myths
– Cost and Performance Considerations
– When a SiPM is NOT the best choice
– Choosing the right SiPM in your design
– Mini-MCAs designed for SiPM detectors
– Overcome Noisy SiPM with BNR electronics (Baseline Noise Reduction)

Special guests Paul Schotanus, CEO & Technical Director of Scionix Holland B.V., and Vicente Osorio, Managing Partner at BrightSpec NV, join David Brown, President of Berkeley Nucleonics, for this exploration of Silicon PM technology.

Learn more about the range of custom scintillation detectors that we


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