px3d a free software browser based pixel 3D nanoengine in ClojureScript

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Infinite Lives is a tiny game-jamming collective from Perth. We’re building games and tooling with Clojure & ClojureScript. Earlier this year we built px3d, a free software pixel 3D nano-engine that runs in the browser. Built on top of three.js it features a pixel aesthetic and live-reloading of models from Blender. This talk will show off the features of the engine and get you started using it to build games.

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Mon Jan 13 11:55:00 2020 at Room 6

This is a sample tutorial from the Hacking and protecting passwords live course at Duckademy.
Take the complete

Do you need to use passwords? Do you know how operating systems store and handle local passwords and use them in the most common network authentications?

In this course you will learn step-by-step how to find and delete local passwords and how to identify the information required for password cracking in network traffic.

For this we will cover the following topics in
– Windows and Linux local password storage
– Service account passwords
– Cracking passwords online with Hydra, Medusa (to crack FTP, HTTP basic, HTTP form based and Remote Desktop password authentication)
– LANMAN/NTLM authentications
– PPTP VPN (MS-CHAP family)
– Capturing printed documents

We will also deal with the following defense
– Fail2ban for Linux
– Monitoring with advanced auditing in Windows
– Disabling NTLM to mitigate pass the hash attack against Active Directory domain environments
– Credential Guard

Join our course and learn everything about password attacks and

Please note that this tutorial is for educational purposes only.

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Tanki Online Crystal Generator