So I Tried *COLOUR HACK* in Tanki Online…

Tanki Online Crystal Generator

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Rank: Gissmo
Type: M3
Speciality: M4 Viking Thunder And Rare Paints

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Facebook: Syrringe Needle

You Can Talk About The Cost And He Wont Give It To You For Free.

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Tanki Online
Player Unknowns Battleground Mobile [Via Emulator]

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CPU: 3.30Ghz
Installed Memory[RAM]: 4.00 GB
System Type: 64-bit Operating System
Windows Version: Windows 7 – Ultimate

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Video Editing Software: Vegas Pro 14 [64-bit]
Graphics/Picture Editor: Adobe Photoshop CS6
Gaming Clips Recorder: Fraps
Screen Recorder: (Soon)
Live Steaming Software: Open Broadcasting Software [OBS]

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Tanki Online Crystal Generator