SparkFun According to Pete #56 How OBD2 Works

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Greetings and welcome to May! In this episode of ATP, I’m going to cover everything that I would consider to be required information about OBD2 to enable you to start poking around at the innards of your car’s data bus. We’ll do a brief history about why it exists at all, talk about the assorted busses and pinout of that oh-so-famous connector, cover the command structure, present examples, and wrap up with an evaluation of how you might want to proceed (including some gear choices) and point you towards more info to take you further.

Stuff you should

Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek’s site all about car hacking (
On-Board Diagnostics (
OBD2 PID’s (
ISO 15765-2 (

Gear that I talk

Analog Discovery 2 (
SparkFun OBD2 UART (
OBD2-DB9 Cable (
FTDI Basic 3.3V Breakout (
SparkFun AST-CAN485 Dev Board (
OBD2 Connector (

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