How to HACK Crystals in Tanki Online | Parody

Tanki Online Crystal Generator

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Obviously This Was Only Possible With The Help Of Editing. what i did was, first i copied the signature file from tanki online folder, then i created some Dank python programming codes and used them as if i was really hacking(but i wasnt)then i opened tanki and recorded the crystal part on big acc where i had less crystal then came on small account and recorded the sending badge part and during editing i overlayed the less crystals on my small accoount and boom! And I Swear i Can Do Better Next Time, Leave a Challenge That i Can Click bait Upon And i Will Make sure to make it look at real as possible and Thanks For Watching And Sorry For Lack Of Uploads Guys.
Anyways Leave a #Challenges Below In Comment.

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Tanki Online Crystal Generator

Tanki Online Hack 2018 How to get free Crystals

Tanki Online Crystal Generator

Since the fastest and easiest way to get free Tanki Online Crystals is by using our Hackaron Tanki Online Hack, we will provide you with some basic reasons why to use it.

First, it is completely free to download. Lot of others are selling this kind of Tanki Online Hack tools for real money. We are giving it for free!

It is also easy to download, just select your desired download link from the bottom of the page. After doing so you should instantly get it. In cases that a lot of users are currently downloading it, we will ask you for comeback latter. The reason for that is that our servers have limit based on visitors traffic.

This are steps you need to follow to enjoy Tanki Online game with some free Crystals.

You should download your Hack from
Log in to Your Tanki Online Account

Open the Hack and click on the Connect button (you need to open the Tanki Online game in your browser so this Tanki Online Hack can connect to it)
Select your resources you would like to add and select weather you want to add Premium Account to your account. You can also select to use Auto Proxy and Anti Ban Script. This is something that our developers have integrated in this cool hack so no one can ban you, as with other Tanki Online hacks and Cheats.
Click on “ADD” button
Refresh Your browser and enjoy your free Crystals

Tanki Online Crystal Generator

Tanki online crystals hack 2018

Tanki Online Crystal Generator


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Tanki Online Crystal Generator