How to remotely crash or hack any iOS based device. iPhone iPad & Apple Watch

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There is a massive bug in Apple iOS that allows you to completely lock up any iOS device like an iPhone 6, iPhone 7 or iPad by simply clicking a URL and playing a corrupt .mp4 video. I tried this on every device I could find with 100% success and it’s mind blowing Apple hasn’t fixed this yet.

▼ URL to crash any iOS device after playback ▼

^- Use at your own risk, this will lock up your iOS device and require a hard reset. You’ve been warned!

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▼ Questions & Answers ▼
Q) When will this be fixed?
A) I’ve heard reports that iOS 10 Beta 3 (next release) should have a fix that prevents this. But I haven’t confirmed it yet.

Q) Why do you say push all the physical buttons including volume? You only need volume + home button.
A) To avoid absolutely any confusion as to which buttons to hold down since the persons device would be compromised after doing this I figured it would be easier to just say HOLD EVERYTHING DOWN. It still works and there is no possible chance of mistaking which buttons to hold.

Q) Why would you make a video like this? You’re just going to cause a ton of attacks to happen.
A) This video is just as much informing people on what links and videos not to open as it is telling people which ones will crash devices. Information is power and the more this is known in the community the faster people can protect themselves and Apple can get a fix out. Share this video like crazy with all your friends and family so they don’t become a victim.
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In this augmented reality tutorial I am going to go over image recognition and how to use API’s in Unity 3D so you can make your augmented reality apps smarter. I feel like the real killer application of AR is using it as more of a tool rather than a game. I will going over some basics using http get requests in Unity with the WWW class. I will also show you how to request information from API’s in Unity.

I FORGOT TO If you are using the project from Github I forget to add my Vuforia license key to the ARCamera object in the scene. Just click to open Vuforia configuration and add it there.


In the video we also go over basic web scraping in Unity and I will show you how you can scrape sites in Unity using PHP and Node.js

The project I made using Google’s Reverse Image Search capabilities can be found on Github

As far as software you will need Unity 3

and the Vuforia

Thanks for watching!

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Smartphone Tips Android and iPhone Screen Recording Video Capture DIY in 5 Ep 98

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We’ll break down how to record your smartphone’s screen whether you are on iOS or Android.

Why Screen Record?
You might want to record the screen on your phone so you can offer tech support for friends and family since showing people what to do can be much more effective than trying to explain it over the phone. Or maybe you are the one looking for some troubleshooting assistance with an app. Maybe you figured out something really cool in your favorite app or game and want to share it for internet points. Or perhaps you are a gaming content creator and you want to show off a mobile game. Maybe you want to record a Skype call or a friend’s Instagram story. These are all great reasons you might want to record the screen on your phone.

iPhone Screen Recording
Let’s start with the iPhone since Apple has built screen recording right into iOS. If you are running iOS 11 or newer, you can simply go to your Settings, Control Center, Customize Controls, then tap the + sign next to Screen Recording. On an iPhone X or later model, swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen and long press the record button icon. You can then choose if you’d also like to record from the microphone for commentary. Tap Start Recording and you’ll see a 3 second countdown, once it counts down, you’ll be recording. To stop recording, simply open your control center and tap the recording button icon again or tap the red recording status bar at the top of the screen and hit stop.

iPhone Screen Recording with a Mac
If you don’t want the tiny red timer bubble or full red bar at the top of your recordings you may want to record from a connected Mac. You’ll need macOS 10.10 or higher with a Lightning cable and QuickTime. Simply connect the device, launch QuickTime, start a New Movie recording and choose your iPhone as the camera in the recording settings. You can find this by clicking the small downward arrow to the right of the record button. This method allows you to capture audio using either your iPhone or Mac’s microphone for commentary.

Android Screen Recording
On Android, while there’s no native screen recording built into the OS, there are a plethora of both free and paid apps out there that will get the job done. Google apps like YouTube Gaming and Google Play Games have screen recording built-in, but other apps are simpler and more versatile in case you want to record something other than a game. One of the most popular is DU Recorder. It’s a high-quality recorder that has editing software built in with no recording time limit and it records up to 1080p, 12MBps and 60fps. It also allows you to record using a facecam at the same time and stream your content out live, perfect for content creators. Another feature for our reluctant tech support friends is that you can choose to have your click operations recorded if you’d like, which is super useful. Check out AZ Screen Recorder, Super Screen Recorder & plain old Screen Recorder if you want to check out other options have to offer.

If you have a favorite screen recording app not mentioned in this video – for Android or iPhone – let us know in the comments. Also, just for fun, what’s the best use of smartphone screen recording you’ve ever seen?

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