Ethical hacker shows us how easily smart devices can be hacked and give access to your personal info

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Smart devices will be hot items this holiday season. They hook up to the internet and can be controlled by your phone. However, we have a demonstration that shows how easy it is to hack your home.

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Links to run Tanki Online for all servers(do not copy the stuff in brackets):

(Server One)

(Server Two)

(Server Three)

(Server Four)

(Server Five)

(Server Six)

(Server Seven)

(Server Eight)

(Server Nine)

(Server Ten)

(Server Eleven)

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(Server Fourteen)

(Server Fifteen)

(Server Sixteen)

(Server Seventeen)

(Server Eighteen)

(Server Nineteen)

(Server Twenty)

(Server Twentyone)

(Server Twentytwo)

(Server Twentythree)

(Server Twentyfour)

(Server Twentyfive)

(Server Twentysix)

(Server Twentyseven)

(Server Twentynine)

(Test Server)

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WoWS Mac Test Server Create your own

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Hey guys! This guide will show you how to create your own test server wrapper out of the one given to us by the awesome people at codeweavers. This was a little more complicated then for WoT primarily due to a difference in the launcher config files. So the process I outline here is the actual full process I use for different servers not the “easy mode” I used for the WoT test server videos.

It is a little more involved but still fairly simple. If you would rather just download my pre-made wrapper then see the link below.

Using the
Download the Config file from my Google

Support forum (and guides):
My Studly Utility for WoT and

Download my pre-modified

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5 Ways to make PREMIERE PRO FASTER Instead of rage smashing your office

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MAKE $1770 By Mining Bitcoin on Your PC/SMARTPHONE IN 2020 PROOF

Tanki Online Crystal Generator

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Infinite tanks game flaw that favors iOS compared to OSX

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How To Go On Woozworld On Your iPad

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You Can Go On Puffin Free (Puffin Web Browser, Search It On App Store) On Your iPad, iPod, iPhone Or Anything That Has App Store On It
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Srry About The Parts, My Sister Kept Movin The iPad When I Was Tryin To Record It, Then You Could See Her Clothes And Feet 😀
By iKevin On Woozworld..

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