Tanki Online Christmas/New Year Magnum GLITCH NO RELOAD NOT HACK

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This is the MAGNUM GLITCH 2017/2018
It lasted only for 1.5h after the server restart for the Christmas/New Year celebrations.
If you experienced it, good for you!

Thank you ALASTAR for the account!


The most anticipated holiday of the year is finally here — New Year comes to Tanki Online!

The time of wonders will begin after server restart tomorrow, at 02:00 UTC December 22nd, and will stay until 02:00 UTC January 8th!

Be ready for the most grandiose celebration of the year, we’ve prepared so many gifts and surprises for you! Here’s what will happen in the game.

Special offer №1 — 59.90
new animated paint;
5 days of Premium;
5 Gold Boxes;
500 of each supply (excluding Gold Boxes);
25.000 crystals.

Special offer №2 — 15.99
special holiday paint;
3 days of Premium;
3 Gold Boxes;
100 of each supply (excluding Gold Boxes)
100.000 crystals.

Gold Boxes

Welcome New Year with friends in Tanki Online and on December 31st, for 1 day only Gold Boxes will drop 10 times more often on the holiday map! Don’t forget, the number of crystals in Gold Boxes will be the same — 1000 crystals.


And the most desired holiday items — containers — will drop for tankers who play in regular, non-PRO battles from 02:00 UTC December 24th until 02:00 UTC January 8th. Gold Boxes will continue to drop as usual, but sometimes, a Black Box will drop instead and have a container inside! So if you hear that special siren, it means your chance for unique rare paints, Premium, crystal packs, supplies and Gold Boxes will drop soon!

Starting 02:00 UTC December 24th you can purchase containers in the Shop, under the special “Containers” tab. After the holiday event containers will stay in the game. Forever!

All purchased or caught containers will appear in the “Special” tab of your Garage, where you can open them.

Opening the container, you will get one of the following items, chosen

3500 crystals;
10.000 crystals;
25.000 crystals;
125 Repair Kits;
125 Double Armor;
125 Double Damage;
125 Speed Boosts;
125 Mines;
100 of All Supplies (excluding Gold Boxes);
250 of All Supplies (excluding Gold Boxes);
3 days of Premium;
10 days of Premium;
5 Gold Boxes;
10 Gold Boxes;
one of the paints, available for purchase in the Garage*;
one of the paints, available for purchase in the Shop* (including paints, previously available inside Special offers);
one of the legendary paints* (new animated paint «Holiday Lights», «Spectrum», «Flow», «Nightmare», «Moonwalker», «Eternity» or «Red Suit»).
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