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Neste video eu mostro que o hack de cristais pelo cheat engine 6.1 é fake , o tanki está um pouco lento porque tinha alguns programas abertos e tava no opera (so no opera e que o hack do cheat engine funciona) e entao tive que passar algumas partes á frente , mas penso que da para perceber. OBRIGADO POR VER O VIDEO 🙂

In this video I show that the crystal hack cheat engine 6.1 is fake, the tank is a little slow because I had some programs open and was on the opera (in opera so that the hack and cheat engine works) and then had to spend some shares ahead, but I think the tell. THANK YOU FOR VIEWING THE

В этом видео я показываю, что кристалл взломать обмануть двигатель 6.1 является подделкой, танк немного медленно, поскольку у меня были некоторые открытые программы и был на опере (в опере, так что взломать и обмануть двигатель работает), а затем пришлось потратить некоторое акций впереди, но я думаю, что сказать. СПАСИБО ЗА ПРОСМОТР ВИДЕО:)

In this video, we did a 25-hour live stream. I am pretty sure this is the longest TO stream, which makes a new Tanki online world record. 1000 stars were not easy to do in 24 hours, I just wanted to sleep. Anyways, I have 2 skin containers now. The reason I do not open them is because I have all the skins and I do not want 20k crystals from them. I will just keep them in my garage since it looks cool. This was actually so painful, I did not enjoy it as much as I thought. I just wanted to sleep. Special thanks to the Livestream chat for keeping me motivated! We also had some funny donations and new members. That kept me going. Like the video, if you enjoyed it.
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Tanki Online Crystal Generator