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Das Programm ist ein Prototyp es befindet sich noch in der probe ! ES IST KOSTENLOS ! Wie ihr sieht hab ich es schon ausprobiert es geht 🙂

Besucht unsere Seite 😉
da findet ihr den Hack 🙂

Alwyn Hunt works as a Sales Business Developer within the 3D & Immersive division of Adobe.
He worked as a character texture artist in the visual effects industry for over 20 years. He has worked at a number of studios around the world including Sony Imageworks, MPC, DNEG, Animal Logic, RSP and Weta Digital. His main film credits include Harry Potter, Watchmen, The Wolfman, Alice in Wonderland, John Carter, The Hobbit 1 & 2, Logan, Ragnarok,Tomb Raider & and more recently Game of Thrones. Alwyn has a passion for the industry and an interest in helping create pathways for emerging artists into leading studios globally.

In this series, you’ll how to start working in 3D from scratch
• A basic intro into 3d
• How to get started in 3D
• Understanding how a 3D pipeline works

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Getting Started in 3D with Alwyn Hunt – 1of 4

Getting Started in 3D with Alwyn Hunt – 2 of 4

Getting Started in 3D with Alwyn Hunt – 3 of 4

Getting Started in 3D with Alwyn Hunt – 4 of 4


0:13 — Start
0:50 — Compositing 101: Looking back at old techniques (1936)
1:50 — What is a VFX artist?
5:37 — What do you need to be a good VFX artist?
6:58 — Shot-for-shot Black Panther fight sequence
10:00 — Maya Demo | Effects simulation
24:40 — 3D Obstacles

28:30 — Student Darren Lesmana (

32:23 — Getting Started in 3 Compositing
32:23 — Getting Started in 3 Compositing Demo – Premiere Rush
50:05 — Getting Started in 3 Where to study and what questions to ask

59:50 — Mini Q&A

1:09:56 — Helpful links and people to follow

Q&A — Throughout the stream


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Music by Chillhop

Tanki Online Crystal Generator