Tanki Online Health + Gold Box Hack Patched 70Subs

Tanki Online Crystal Generator

Did I seriously upload this before Tanki Online Gameplay #1?
Also the way I got wasp + smoky M3.

How did you do this? I invented a program that had extra Tanki Online features, such as spawning gold boxes.
Can I have the program? Yes, it’s called Tanki Online 456.
Why am I so fast (aka are you using a speed hack?) No, I made the video a bit faster.
What is my Tanki Online username? Since I used my hacking one, it is a secret.
[More FAQ coming soon!]

1. Go to (download removed) and click download.
2. Select “Save and Open” in the download menu (if you receive one)
3. When the folder opens, extract all the contents.
4. Open the program called “Tanki Online ALL HACKS (by Twist578 Official)”
5. Explore!

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Tanki Online Crystal Generator