Tanki Online TEST SERVER ~100,000,000~ // 100 million crystals!

Tanki Online Crystal Generator

What can be better than Tanki Online Test Server open for everyone? Well good sale ofcourse. But as most of you guys know Tanki Online Developers are testing new feature where we can see how much xp damage was done by our turret. I think this new feature will help many to adjust how they play. For example I realize that hammer upclose does 2-3 more damage than it’s far away.
Also I purchased every turret and every hull and every paint and modul in garage, and looks like we need about 85 million crystals to buy everything in garage and micro upgraded to M4 level. That’s over ,000 US dollars. How crazy is that?

Special surprice for many of you. There is a code to be accepted on that_one_michael account. I wonder who will be the first person to redeem that secret fraze!

Have a question! Watch that one michael QnA video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7i1KPKNcG8
I answer following questions
* What software / program I use to record gameplays
* What software / program I use to edit
* Accepting friend requests on Sour-Lemon
Accepting friend requests on That_one_michael
* Play in same battle / Lets Play with me invitation from me.
* What’s my skype?
* How to get spectator mode.
And many other questions. So if you have a question watch this video first.



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Tanki Online Crystal Generator