Tankionline Spectator Mode Hack

Tanki Online Crystal Generator

Hey Guys! This is a video on how anyone can get “spectator mode” on Tanki without being an actual spectator! I hope you enjoyed, if so, make sure to comment, like, and subscribe! Make sure to comment below on what you want to see next!

Ctrl+Shift+K (to get into it)
vars.set cam_maxmove 3 (original)
vars.set cam_maxmove 0.1 (if you want the camera to follow you extremly slowly while playing Tanki)
vars.set cam_maxmove 0 (makes the camera stay at a fixed location)

Jim Yosef & Alex Skrindo – Passion [NCS Release]

You only need to follow some simple 1. Enter a battle 2. Drive your tank to a place from where you want to spectate 3. Press Ctrl + Shift + K 4.

Tanki Online Crystal Generator