The COMPLETE OPPOSITE of a MacBook System 76 Oryx Pro

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Doesn’t open-source just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Today Anthony takes a look at System76’s Oryx Pro laptop.

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In this video, we talk all about social media for real estate agents.

1:40 – Which social media platforms should you be on?
8:00 – The three reasons to have a social media presence. Branding, Lead Generation, & Communication
10:00 – How to set up a real estate advertisement on Facebook
19:38 – Facebook business page vs personal profile pros and cons
27:53 – Simple social media posting strategy
33:17 – What are Instagram and Facebook stories
39:20 – How to leverage one thing to make multiple posts
42:12 – Posting personal vs. business
44:30 – Setting privacy settings
46:08 – Advantage of using Facebook and Instagram stories
50:53 – What do you put on Instagram and Facebook stories
54:14 – Quick tip – Using Google Photos to automatically share photos between multiple people


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