The Rabbits Are Banging | Let’s play Future Unfolding gameplay ep 2

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Future Unfolding keeps us puzzling over breeding rabbits, impassable rocks and a spooky red cave in Let’s play Future Unfolding gameplay ep 2. Subscribe for more indie | Support us on

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In let’s play Future Unfolding gameplay ep 2 we continue our journey, passing through the rocks we couldn’t pass before with the help of a smoke monster and uncovering magical spots to gain access to a giant crystal dome-like monster.

We also get teleported to a bright green meadow where we need to breed rabbits to escape, and we fight the wind to discover a new goal in this let’s play Future Unfolding gameplay video.



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Official Future Unfolding gameplay

“Future Unfolding is an action adventure that is all about exploration. Your goal is to unfold the mysteries and secrets hidden in the beautiful landscapes around you. There are no tutorials, and no one is telling you what to do. You discover the surreal, dream-like world and everything you can do in it yourself while you play.”

Future Unfolding release 15 March 2017
Developed Spaces of Play
Formats PC Windows, Mac OSX (Playstation PS4 & Linux planned)

Official Future Unfolding game
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