Tibia Bots everywhere because of old client Keithtra is botting in Nibelor Ice caves

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Level 294 botting for ove 50 hours a week in Nibelor ice caves


Distance 110+2
Shielding 98
Magic Level 28

Royal Paladin (RP)

Tibia is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) created by CipSoft.
The gameplay of Tibia involves advancing levels while training to improve skill levels, hunting monsters using weapons and magical spells, gathering treasures, doing quests and exploring the Tibia world.

In video #140 we hacked the new IKEA Trådfri Smart lighting system using the remote control as a basis. It worked, but had some major disadvantages.
Today, we will use an IKEA gateway and do it right!
– We will eliminate the problems of the current hack
– We will install and pair the gateway with two different bulbs
– We will learn how the system communicates
– We will switch the lights using Node-Red on our Raspberry Pi. Like that, we can use MQTT or many other tools to switch the lights
– We will switch the lights with a normal Linux command
– We will install a Python wrapper. You can use this wrapper as a basis for your own programs
– We will see the CoAP protocol , which was introduced in the last video, in action
– At the end, as promised, I will reveal a “hot” secret about the IKEA bulbs.

We also will use AdvancedIP Scanner to find the IP address of our Gateway

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Tanki Online Crystal Generator