Virtual Student Experiences Intro To Investing Workshop

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Watch a video of our Intro To Investing Workshop featuring Lauren Paer and Buddy Leong.

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Virtual Student Experiences is a pro-bono organization For Students by Students that provides students with inspiration for aspiration. Our philosophy is to create an accessible and beneficial service that helps students think about their short-term and long-term future by bridging the gap between the Educational and Professional world. We want to help students explore different career fields from a plethora of professionals from varying seniority levels. Our weekly webinars allow students to hear what it’s like on the job from professionals in their career field of interest while also getting access to information regarding how to get there, the challenges they will face, and even some tips to success.

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Buddy Leong, Executive Director
Becket Wren, Head of Communications
Jonothan Wu, Head of Videography and Editing
Gaby Valle, Head of Content Management
Koko Leong, Head of Social Media Marketing
Tommy King, Lead Programs Designer

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